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30x PTZ camera for quick tracking and focus

by Andy Clutton

IDIS30xIDIS has unveiled a new Full HD 30x optical zoom PTZ camera featuring Smart UX Controls which utilises “slingshot” and “rubber band” style control to reportedly deliver accuracy and ease of use. The camera also supports ONVIF and is compatible with a range of recording platforms, including DirectIP NVRs and the IDIS Solution Suite VMS.

With click-and-drag actions, operators can quickly focus on and track specific objects with no need for multiple clicks to change direction.

The 30x optical zoom allows users to capture images from distance and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) functionality is listed as providing clear images even under backlit conditions. Day and night ICR delivers images from broad daylight to the darkest night. The 30x PTZ Camera also features IDIS digital image stabilisation (DIS) technology, reducing the jarring effects from vibrations during recording.

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