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Union launches three new door closers

by Andy Clutton

Union has announced the launch of three new door closers designed to help solve a number of critical challenges faced by installers to meet the needs of their customers.

The CE26V, SC-CE3F and CE4F-E closers meet the requirements for light or heavy closing, concealed closing, or the ability to choose between hold-open and free-swing settings.

The SC-CE3F door closer is a concealed solution that allows buildings to benefit from the advantages of a fixed power size 3-door closer without compromising on aesthetics, making the SC-CE3F the choice for high-end residential and commercial applications. Its concealed nature also protects it from vandalism, particularly in spaces such as university halls of residence, where this can be a problem.

The CE26V rack and pinion door closer is an easy-to-fit solution that can be set to any power size between 2 and 6, in line with the EN 1154 standard governing the requirements of controlled door closing devices. As a result, the CE26V is suitable for anything from lighter doors of 20kg to heavier doors up to 120kg.

The CE4F-E electromagnetic door closer is a dual-function solution that can be set to one of two modes: hold-open or free swing. When in hold-open mode, the CE4F-E allows people to walk through the doorway without opening the door, offering a barrier-free solution. This makes it ideal for hospitals, hotels, theatres and other high-traffic public areas. Alternatively, in free-swing mode, the door operates as though no closer is fitted. This allows the door to swing freely with little force required to open it.

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