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Two FREE light switch timer units to win!

by Andy Clutton

WalllighttimerProperties become more vulnerable to opportunistic crime during the winter months according to the Office for National Statistics’ analysis of seasonality in police recorded property crime, which identifies peaks during the winter quarter for both domestic and business properties. However, by simply ensuring that effective security measures are in place, this increased risk can be significantly reduced.

“Preparing your properties for the winter months does not have to be a lengthy or expensive process,” explains James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA.

If a property is likely to be vacant for any period of time during the winter months, taking simple steps such as keeping curtains closed but leaving a light on can significantly deter intruders.

One of the most common methods of giving the appearance that a property is occupied is using a timer on indoor lights rather than just leaving a light permanently on. In the past this has usually involved rigging up a timer to a lamp which today has progressed to remote control of ‘smart’ bulbs via smartphone apps using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. However this style of control is not viable for all quarters, so is there anything simpler to use?

The Light Switch Timer from Switched on Products is a retrofit timer that controls the main indoor lights in a property, so saves the owner from needing to place lamps in crucial places. Requiring no additional wiring the unit slots over existing wall mounted single, double or triple light switches to turn lights on and off at the desired intervals.

The unit is attached by loosening the switch fascia screws and sliding the cradle behind the panel. Depending on the type of light switch (single, double, triple) you clip into place the required wheels to line up with switches. The fascia screws can then be tightened and the timer slotted into place. The timer can be left in situ and lights controlled using the ‘on’ or ‘off’ buttons or the unit can be removed to leave the cradle in place for easier future use if so required.

The unit itself is a two AA battery operated seven-day timer with up to nine programmes per day and three modes, random, pre-programmed or manual programmed settings. In addition to showing the current time the display screen also features a low battery warning and provides a room temperature reading. The buttons on the front of the timer are luminous and, in terms of build quality, the unit has been awarded Secured by Design status and is CE tested.

We have two Light Switch Timers to give away. To enter simply email your name and address to PSI here with the subject ‘Light me up’. First two names from the hat after 10th Dec win.

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