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Insurance sector adopting TS 007 standard

by Andy Clutton

mk3-euro-fireworksThe Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has welcomed the insurance sector’s early acceptance of a new domestic door security standard designed to defeat a wave of house burglaries.

A UK insurance company is advising its domestic insurance policy holders to choose TS 007-rated security for their entrance doors. TS 007 security provides resistance against cylinder snapping and other forms of lock attack which are increasingly being used in domestic break-ins. Now the DHF is calling on other insurance companies to follow the insurance company’s lead and encourage their policy holders to upgrade their door security.

Michael Skelding, general manager and secretary of the DHF said: “Cylinder snapping is an increasing problem and many homes are at risk from this form of lock attack. The DHF developed the TS 007 standard, working with the Glass & Glazing Federation, BSI, Secured by Design and other industry organisations. We’ve been liaising closely with the RISCAuthority, the insurance-backed organisation that supports best practice in the protection of property and business.

“RISCAuthority referenced TS 007 and other standards developed by the lock industry in their recent Guidance to Occupiers publication. We welcome the insurance company’s early adoption of the RISCAuthority guidelines and we’re confident other insurance companies will follow their example.”

As reported in the October edition of PSI cylinder snapping exploits a weakness in the Eurocylinder typically used in locks found in doors made from PVC-u and composite materials, which form the bulk of domestic entrance doors in the UK. It is a technique which allows burglars to break into a home in a matter of seconds.

Security to the TS 007 standard can be achieved by either a combination of a TS 007 cylinder (marked with one star) and TS 007 security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars); or a “super cylinder” (marked with three stars) that successfully resists snap attack without the need to fit additional door hardware. In both cases, the same degree of resistance against attack is provided.

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