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Triple pole call point for functionality

by Andy Clutton

KAC Extends its Security Device Range with New M8 Triple Pole Call Point_ImageKAC Alarm Company has extended its security range with a Triple Pole Call Point designed to provide functionality for the access control market. The M8 device is for use with internal security controlled locking systems and provides a complement to KAC’s double and single pole variants. The third pole provides additional flexibility to activate a local alarm or sounder or to connect to the building’s security system. Activating a combined evacuation response from a single device supports today’s growing demand for building system integration.

Raxa Chauhan, KAC Product Manager, comments: “The new M8 device, with its triple pole feature is ideal for integrated systems, where both access control and security monitoring is required. As the M8 has a third pole, it can switch three separate circuits. This ensures failsafe unlocking of the exit and supports best practice evacuation in the event of an emergency.”

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