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Stanley Security aims to close security skills gap

by Andy Clutton

Stanley Security has announced that it is to be part of Stanley Black & Decker’s annual ‘Maker Month’ celebration this month, recognising security technicians. Maker Month is dedicated to recognising those who make things, be it products, solutions or innovations, with security technicians being the makers of safer, healthier and more efficient environments.

The month long campaign not only celebrates Stanley Security’s own technicians, but is supporting security technicians of the future through scholarships. Students will be able to apply for a scholarship in 2021 through the company and scholarships will be awarded shortly after.

Matthew Marriott, Stanley Security General Manager – UK and Ireland, comments: “It’s hard to believe in this day and age, but 10 million jobs remain unfilled globally, due to gaps in skills. We believe companies within our sector have a responsibility to close the gap in the security industry.  We are stepping up to the challenge by providing opportunities for people to develop the vocational and trade skills needed to work in our industry as install and service technicians.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic particularly affecting the under 25s employment prospects, we have decided to focus our resources – a $150k investment covering the UK, Europe and North America – within schools and colleges through scholarships supporting students to develop vocational and trade skills.  This is an important investment in our company’s future, our industry’s future and the future of a generation of young people facing uncertain times.”

For information on scholarship opportunities and to register your interest visit here

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