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Securitas moves to City of London

by Andy Clutton

City of London officeSecuritas has announced the move of its UK headquarters to the City of London. The new offices are situated in Russell Square House, WC1 and bring together the London Operational Team, the company’s UK County President, Brian Riis Nielsen, plus Securitas’ new European Divisional President, Magnus Ahlqvist, as well as their executive teams.

Kenneth Larsen, Securitas’ Regional Director for London, said: “Securitas Global Management understands that London represents 50% of the security market in the UK, so we felt it was vital to be at the heart of the City to truly understand what our customers want and need from us as their preferred service partner. When Brian Riis Nielsen and I first arrived in the UK, we spent a lot of time listening to our customers in London.  It was clear they felt we needed to be close to the business to understand the unique requirements of the markets that we want to work with.  At that time, our operation was split between Uxbridge and a small office in Cannon St; neither of which were particularly client-friendly.”

“We now have a great opportunity to come together as one team, to serve and support our customers in a consistent and timely way.” he added.  “The new space is superb in facilitating teamwork and I know my team is proud to be part of the new London HQ.”

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