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Oprema and Ajax form distribution partnership

by Andy Clutton

Ajax Systems has announced a UK distribution partnership with Oprema.

Oprema’s customers now have access to the range of Ajax wireless products for protection of residential and commercial properties from intrusion, fire, and leaks.

Ajax users can remotely manage their systems, control electrical appliances, and check the CCTV streams via mobile apps. Whenever the detectors spot a potential threat, the hub notifies the users via push-notifications, calls, and SMS. If an alarm response company oversees their property, it will also receive an alert.

The Jeweller radio-protocol connects all of the Ajax devices in the system on a distance of up to 2000 m from the hub central panel and allows them to serve up to 5-7 years on the pre-installed batteries. The system’s radio coverage area extends to up 16 sq/m using the ReX intelligent signal range extender. If an intruder attempts to interfere with the signal or jam it, the hub immediately raises an alarm.

Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO/Founder at Ajax Systems, stated, “Oprema’s team is demonstrating an impressively profound dedication towards customer service, marketing, and operations management. Their far-sighted vision for innovative technologies and business qualities resonate with the core values at Ajax Systems. Together with Oprema, we’re excited to bring Ajax, the next generation of wireless systems, to the UK security market and stimuli its future development.”

Ross Hawkins, Operations Director at Oprema said “We are always searching for the latest technology advancement in the industry for our customers. We are excited about this new partnership with Ajax. The new technology will provide our customers with new opportunities and advancements within the industry. We look forward to the future and working with Ajax as a key strategic partner.”

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