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LiDAR protects Belfast call centre premises

by Andy Clutton

LiDAR sensor technology from Optex is helping to protect the Belfast call centre premises and employees of a Fortune 500 company.

The Redscan laser sensor installed by Zest Security was required by the company to increase security in private areas of the facility only accessible to authorised personnel. This area however is only separated from the rest of the office space by partition walls which leave a gap between the wall and ceiling. Optex LiDAR creates a ‘virtual’ detection area that cannot be seen by the naked eye and that can be adjusted to the site requirement using the configuration software.

In this instance, the Redscan RLS-2020S creates a virtual wall between the top of the partition wall and the ceiling of the building, and monitors movement or objects being thrown from one side to the other.

LiDARs work by analysing the speed, size and distance of the objects detected, meaning they track the objects within the detection area and understand the ratio size/distance of the object. This provides the ability to detect a specific size of object either at a distance or close up. In the event of any movement being detected, a security alarm is raised, and alerts are sent to the 24-hour on-site security team.

Masaya Kida, Managing Director of Optex EMEA, says: “Thanks to the sensitivity of the Redscan LiDAR sensor, it is able to detect a thrown object as small as a USB stick. The exact point of detection can also be mapped and associated with the cameras monitoring this area.”

Justin Doherty, Director at Zest Security, says: “The client was very pleased with the speed and simplicity of the installation, and is very happy with the performance of this new solution.”

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