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Integrated lighting and camera housing kit

by Andy Clutton

Raytec Integrated Lighting  Housing - VLKThe Vario Lighthouse Kit (VLK) from Raytec provides an integrated lighting and camera housing solution as an all-in-one alternative to cameras with integrated LEDs. VLK combines Vario LED illuminators, available in Infra-Red, White-Light or Hybrid, along with the facility for up to two IP or analogue cameras of the user’s choice (not supplied) into one fully integrated, pre-wired and cable managed housing.

The all-in-one solution is described as easy and quick to mount and install and provides dedicated LED lighting that stands alone from the camera, thereby overcoming the known problems encountered with integrated camera/LED solutions.

Standing separate from the camera, the Vario illuminators are fully thermal managed and run cool with no risk of the LEDs overheating. According to the company, alternative CCTV lighting solutions such as cameras with LEDs around the lens are not thermally managed and consequently can easily overheat. Critically, this can also attract insects which form webs over the lens, preventing the cameras from providing usable images and also causing an increase not only in false alarms but also the risk of failing to detect an intrusion. For this reason, the latest British Standards for remotely monitored CCTV sites (BS8418) states that ‘IR illumination should not surround the camera lens on external cameras’. In addition, stand-alone lighting produces much clearer and more evenly illuminated images with no risk of reflection back into the camera lens or glare in the image – a common problem with traditional integrated camera/LED solutions.

Users can integrate up to two cameras of their choice into the VLK unit which, with the associated Vario LED lighting, can reportedly deliver night time images up to 220m (722ft), for a variety of applications including CCTV, ANPR/LPR and thermal.

“The VLK addresses a void in the market for a high performance, integrated lighting and box camera solution” explains Tony Whiting, Raytec Managing Director (joint). “Installers can benefit from the easy to install, all-in-one unit, while operators and users benefit from a reliable system delivering good night time images, rather than worrying about the poor images, false alarms and undetected intrusions associated with traditional integrated camera/LED lighting.”

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