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Installer toolkit to help ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’

by Andy Clutton

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has created a toolkit for alarm installers designed to encourage their customers to ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’ and be All-IP ready as analogue lines are switched off at the end of 2025.

Since the initial announcement by Openreach in 2017 of the PSTN switch-off, the BSIA has been engaging with its members to ensure that they are fully aware and prepared for the final upgrade deadline of December 2025. Whilst many companies have engaged in discussions with their end users, and alarm signalling upgrades are happening, it is estimated a remaining 1,000,000+ PSTN-connected alarm systems in the UK have not yet transitioned; it is likely that many of these systems have an end user who may not even be aware that changes need to be made or does not appreciate the seriousness of the deadline.

As the phrase ‘All-IP’ may not mean much beyond the industry, the BSIA, working with Openreach and supported by SSAIB and NSI, have created a campaign theme, ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’, encouraging end users to take the deadline seriously. The toolkit includes letter templates and flyers that includes FAQs that cover the concerns and queries which those still on PSTN lines may have, balancing useful information with the consequences of what may happen if they do not transition within time.

David Wilkinson, Director of Technical Services, BSIA, said: “Through the efforts of the Association and its members, feedback suggests that end users still do not fully understand the impact or are in some cases dismissing the transition to All-IP as something that won’t affect them.

“We are encouraging our members and the wider industry to assist with this roll out of important information and we hope the toolkit will play a significant role in achieving this; the effect that this will have on end users who depend on these alarm systems has the potential to cause serious disruption and create risks, not only in the supply chain, but in the daily use of these systems.”

 The toolkit can be downloaded from the BSIA’s All-IP pages

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