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Hybrid option for quick change to 1080p

by Andy Clutton

Layout 1360 Vision Technology has launched a ‘Hybrid’ upgrade option for the company’s range of Predator PTZ all-in-one cameras.

The optional ‘Hybrid’ upgrade provides both analogue and HD functionality for any Predator camera model meaning that when a traditional surveillance installation moves to HD infrastructure, standard analogue 4:3 images (in HD quality) can be replaced with Full HD 1080p widescreen images – at the flick of a switch and with no additional equipment required.

“The new Hybrid feature adds a further dimension to the mix of existing options for the Predator PTZ camera,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision. “Now, installers and end-users can confidently invest in the future, with our Hybrid ‘Patent pending’ technology, to capture widescreen Full High Definition imaging at the flick of a switch – without the need to change the camera unit when they upgrade an existing site to HD cable infrastructure. There is a lot of legacy analogue systems that are crying out for HD upgrades, but budgets often don’t allow both camera and infrastructure changes – we have developed a HD solution that can utilise existing coax/twisted pair cabling to deliver a HD ready experience now, and a full HD solution later.”

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