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Enhanced analytics and global surveillance

by Andy Clutton

BoschVMS6.5Bosch Security Systems has released Bosch Video Management System 6.5, offering extended functionality with facial and license-plate recognition. The “Live & Playback Site” capability enables users to connect video streams from up to 10,000 sites around the world into a single user interface.

Bosch VMS 6.5 complements Bosch’s camera-based video analytics with server-based analytics from Ganetec’s Bintelan Analytics Platform, adding intelligence for applications requiring database matching. Analytics such as facial recognition and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) reportedly help security operators and security managers make quicker decisions, using a single software interface. Bosch VMS 6.5 also complements Bosch’s camera-based video analytics with industry-specific functionalities, for example, transportation analytics, such as detection of dangerous goods, speed control or traffic jam detection.

For banks and retail groups, Bosch “Live and Playback Site” now offers a scalable system for surveilling up to 10,000 branches. Each time a new branch opens, headquarter security adds that site to the network. Integrated into existing IT infrastructures, “Live and Playback Site” offers headquarter operators live and playback streams from 20 remote sites simultaneously.

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