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CertAlarm group expands by two

by Andy Clutton

CertAlarmtwoCertAlarm’s Marketing Advisory Group (MAG) has announced that two new members have joined the group: Vicki Smith, Marketing Manager of CSL DualCom and Henrik Flensborg, Business Development Manager of MSS Professional A/S. Both companies are CertAlarm registered manufacturers.

”We support CertAlarm’s stance on the development and adoption of a unique European quality mark based on third-party, one-stop testing as it will enable quicker, higher quality approvals for manufactures at a lower cost than country specific testing. Installers and end-users will also have the assurance of products that have undergone rigorous and extensive quality control,” explains Vicki Smith.

“In particular inside the European Union, it has been a source of additional expense and time to accommodate and obtain acceptance of different and varying national certification requirements. In joining the CertAlarm MAG team I hope to be able to contribute to the “one-stop testing and certification” process”, adds Henrik Flensborg.

“We are thrilled to have Vicki and Henrik join our team as their experience and visions align with CertAlarm’s efforts to increase the level of safety and security for Europe and its citizens“, says Noelia Castillon, Chair of CertAlarm’s Marketing Advisory Group.

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