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Anything for a free lunch (and drinks)

by Andy Clutton

How far two people would go to avoid paying for a £7 lunch was revealed by the Daily Mail as CCTV footage taken at The Peacock in Sunderland showed two women placing a strand of hair onto a pizza. Initially staff apologised and gave the women a refund on the lunch as well as a round of drinks, but staff became suspicious when they realised the hair didn’t match anyone working at the pub.

The pub’s owners Pub Culture slammed the ‘cynical stunt’. Joe Smith, operations director at Pub Culture, said: “You would never suspect that someone would be malicious enough to do something like this. Our staff went into the office to check the CCTV and couldn’t believe what they saw.

“I find it unbelievable that people would be willing to go to such extreme lengths in order to score a few free drinks.”

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