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Xtralis launches XOa 3 convergence platform

by Andy Clutton

AdproXOa3Xtralis has introduced ADPRO XOa 3, a convergence software platform with security, safety, business intelligence, and building management services

The ADPRO XOa 3 SecurityPlus Remotely Programmable Operating System is for the FastTrace 2 Series Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateways (RMG). According to the company XOa 3 turns a FastTrace RMG into an “electronic super guard,” with intrusion detection, presence awareness (loitering), automatic visual verification of fire/smoke, and multi-level response capabilities ranging from 2-way audio talk-down to control of lighting, access, and ventilation or any other building subsystem, all from a remote monitoring station.

XOa 3 also provides business intelligence capabilities, using security infrastructure to monitor customer behaviour to improve sales and customer service. XOa 3 expands the number of channels supported to 32 x 5Mbps IP video cameras, with up to 32 of Xtralis’ analytic applications (32×32) per FastTrace system.

Samir Samhouri CEO at Xtralis explains more about the technology:

How can XOa 3 replace or improve guard performance?

In addition to security, guards do many other tasks in a facility, from fire response to basic building management functions and some customer service engagement. While human guards can suffer from exhaustion and information overload which can make them less effective and efficient, Xtralis video content analytics, including IntrusionTrace, LoiterTrace, and SmokeTrace are always alert, and immune to false alarms or missed threats, regardless of conditions on the scene. The strength of early and accurate detection combined with high-resolution video streams (32 channels @ 5Mbps), delivers the ability to secure and control premises from a remote monitoring station 24/7. This is equivalent to having 32 sets of eyes, ears, voice, and hands at a single facility, all managed through a single FastTrace enabled by XOa 3.

How does XOa 3 help first responders?

The Central Monitoring Station can partner with on-site personnel and first responders more efficiently and provide event notification, alarm images, and real-time video on mobile devices for situational awareness, with multi-level response capabilities including command and control of a site from anywhere. The ADPRO iTrace mobile application provides live video images from the scene, building management commands to turn the lights on/off, open/close a gate or door, and turn on/off HVAC with one click to assist with first responder intervention as well as speak to people onsite to provide direction or instruction for evacuation. ADPRO iRespond is a mobile application that delivers alarm images and live video streams to first responders to provide intelligent situational awareness to enable them to plan a more effective intervention. This can be done en route to the site, saving time on arrival for planning an entry/intervention.

What services are enabled by XOa 3?

Central Monitoring Stations (CMS), end-users, and installers are already familiar with the iLIDS approved IntrusionTrace analytics from Xtralis. LoiterTrace provides unwanted or prolonged presence awareness for both inside and outside environments which can be used in many applications, including car parks, school grounds, and multi-tenant buildings.

Two more services are now available from Xtralis, the new SmokeTrace analytic which works with existing smoke detectors to provide automatic visual verification of smoke and to reduce unnecessary intervention significantly. The new ClientTrace analytic uses existing security infrastructure to monitor customer behaviour to improve sales and customer service. Up to 32 of these security, safety, and business intelligence capabilities are available on a single platform simultaneously. These analytics can be deployed by CMS and installers at end customer sites on an as needed basis to significantly enhance the service offerings per site. In addition, XOa 3 can sense 168 inputs and controls 144 outputs to deliver additional building management and security services, including energy savings through remote control of HVAC and lighting.

For more information on the system see the April edition of PSI magazine

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