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Wireless installation without disruption

by Andy Clutton

Wellington College faced a critical challenge when a fire risk assessment revealed numerous non-compliances in its existing fire alarm system. These non-compliances posed a significant risk, especially for a facility that includes sleeping quarters. The college needed a quick turnaround to upgrade its fire alarm system without any downtime, as its Inns of Court shooting lodge was frequently rented out to house shooting parties.

Clevedon-based installers, Raw Fire & Security recommended the 100% wireless, EN 54 certified, Cygnus SmartNet-100 fire detection and alarm system as there would be no need for extensive ground works, such as duct installation to remote buildings. The two systems ran ‘side by side’ until the new kit was fully commissioned, removing the now redundant, unsightly cabling and avoided disruption, maintaining the school’s aesthetic standards.

The most significant challenge was the need for a swift installation process. Wellington College could not afford any downtime, as it would result in revenue loss from cancelled bookings. The new fire alarm system was commissioned and installed within two days, allowing the lodge to continue its operations without interruption. The installation included one Cygnus SmartNet-100 Control Panel along with 43 devices.

“The 100% wireless SmartNet-100 system not only met, but exceeded, our customer’s expectations. They were very pleased with the minimal disturbance to the property and the ability to continue renting out the building during installation. By removing the need for wires and avoiding any downtime, they prevented a potential loss of revenue equivalent to more than the cost of the wireless system,” stated Harvey, Project Manager at RAW Fire & Security. “The wireless system paid for itself.”

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