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TOA announces partnership with Eaton

by Andy Clutton

TOA Corporation (UK) has announced it will be the global partner for Eaton’s Emergency Voice Communications Systems VoCALL5 and VoCALL16, offering voice evacuation products along with Eaton’s EVCS portfolio.

Ian Bridgewater, Managing Director of TOA Corporation (UK) said: “The world is changing and as an industry we must address how we ensure safety both with those that can follow voice direction and exit a building to those that need additional assistance. This partnership gives us the opportunity to offer a complete vocal solution to life safety. This collaboration with the Eaton product range is the perfect complement to TOA’s voice alarm systems.”

Colin Smith, OEM Business Development for Eaton commented: “This partnership shows how passionate we are about solving issues and making evacuation a better and safer experience for all members of the community.  You cannot put a price on people’s safety. We are looking forward to working together with TOA to provide the best solutions for emergency communication.”

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