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Mayflex enhances its Central Distribution Centre

by Andy Clutton

Mayflex has enhanced its Central Distribution Centre (CDC) at the Birmingham HQ, with the addition of Autostore from Swisslog.

Sam Baldwin, Mayflex Operations & Services Director commented: “Technology in distribution has significantly moved on and with our investment in Autostore and the introduction of the 14 Maybot robots, we can enhance our service levels further.  For instance, our accuracy rate is already at 99.93% but our aim is to achieve 99.96%, that doesn’t sound much but over a year that equates to a large number. To ensure maximum quality, the system is designed to only deliver the product required followed by every item being scanned by our  Cognex scanners.  The whole process will be far quicker to process orders, which will be particularly useful for customers ordering at the trade counter or for same day despatch requirements.”

“Another great feature to benefit our customers will be the consolidation of their orders so they won’t receive so many consignments from us moving forward.”

Sam concluded: “The installation of the project was headed up by Craig Jackson, our Excel & Environ Warehouse Manager, with a team made up of associates from the warehouse and IT functions. I am delighted by how the teams have worked together and delivered the project on time and within budget.”

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