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System integration market continues growth

by Andy Clutton

Puzzle technologyA new study from IHS reports that the world market for security system integration was valued at $59.5 billion in 2013, an increase of almost $5 billion from 2012. According to Paul Bremner, Senior Analyst for Video Surveillance – Security Services at IHS: “The security system integration market consists of design, consultancy, installation, service and maintenance as well as the sales of video surveillance, physical access control and intruder alarm equipment. Revenue is expected to continue growing in excess of 9% through to 2018.

“The market is characterised by a handful of large international players, numerous regional rivals and many local competitors. Such a competitive landscape means fierce competition abounds and that both integrators and installers must remain at the forefront of technology trends to be able to continue serving Best in Class integration packages to their customers.

“One trend that integrators have been eyeing closely of late is Security as a Service (SaaS), whether it be Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) or Access Control as a Service (ACaaS). Both offer promising opportunities for integrators to expand their recurring monthly revenue while simultaneously becoming closer to the end customer.

“This model also allows those same integrators to increase the value they bring to the table, and lets them be seen to be working together with their customers as partners.

“As equipment margins continue to edge lower for integrators, driven by price declines in the equipment itself, it’s the services that integrators can offer – as well as the added value they’re perceived to bring to the customer – that will ultimately prove to be the separator between the winners and losers in this market.”

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