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Sports arena opts for wireless solution

by Andy Clutton

Riga Sports Arena is a municipal facility maintained by the city of Riga, Latvia. Covering a total area of 21,821 square metres, the arena accommodates 2,500 spectator seats, however it faced a significant security challenge, relying on two guards who worked only night shifts. Depending on just one person was insufficient to ensure the safety of the complex, given its size. The guards struggled to effectively cover all areas, leaving the arena vulnerable to security risks. Moreover, the financial burden of employing guards strained the city’s budget. There was a need to enhance security while eliminating the human factor and optimizing associated costs.

Considering the building’s size and recent reconstruction work, the installation of a traditional wired security solution was deemed impractical. This option would have required several months to complete and additional renovation work after installation. GRIFS AG proposed an Ajax wireless solution that could be installed without damaging the walls, allowing for complete control and management of the system through a mobile app.

In total, 115 devices were installed throughout the building and for streamlined control without the need for multiple hubs, Hub 2 Plus Jeweller was selected. This hub can control up to 200 devices, managing 25 security groups with a total of 200 users.

Given that the sports complex spans three floors and considering the need for the hub signal to pass through two reinforced concrete floors, the decision was made to enhance its communication range. To ensure stable communication between all 115 detectors and the hub, the ReX 2 Jeweller radio signal range extender was installed. This guarantees a reliable connection between all system components, ensuring seamless communication even in areas with challenging signal transmission conditions.

GRIFS AG installed DoorProtect Jeweller opening detectors to oversee all doors. Additionally, MotionProtect Curtain Jeweller, with a narrow viewing angle and a maximum detection range of up to 15 metres, protects the large windows in corridors and sports halls. MotionProtect Jeweller detectors were installed throughout all entrance groups, major corridors, and stairwells to promptly notify the owner and the security company in case of any detected motion.

To facilitate arming and disarming of the security system for numerous employees in the sports complex, a wireless touch KeyPad Jeweller was installed.

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