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BFT announces next gen product ranges

by Andy Clutton

The Mitto Cool transmitter

BFT Automation has announced the launch of the next generation of the Phobos and Kustos motors, as well as the new Phobos Veloce, a 24v motor for residential use.

These updated electromechanical operators are currently available in single and twin swing gate kits and offer a new experience as they work with the brand new Mitto Cool transmitter and new Thalia BT A80 control board.

The new Phobos and Kustos models have been redesigned and come with improved features including magnetic limit switches located on top of the motor to enable easier and faster installation, patented vibration feedback for adjustment of limit switches, quieter motors that are retrofit for older systems and all new models are now 30% faster than the older versions.

Now available in a two-button and four-button version, one of the key benefits of the Mitto Cool transmitter is the improved security. The transmitter uses rolling code to transmit new radio data protocol, which is masked with a sophisticated encryption key – making it impossible to copy the transmitters from BFT to fake ones.

The new Thalia BT A80 control panel, which replaces the Thalia Light control panel, is designed for 24v swing gate operators. This now offers an improved internal design with a removable remote memory card that retains control panel settings and transmitter memory, which means it can be moved to a new control panel.

The standard transmitter capacity of the Thalia BT A80 is increased from 64 transmitters to 128 transmitters.

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