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Skills for Security celebrates collaboration

by Andy Clutton

In the grand setting of the House of Lords, Skills for Security recently held an event that brought together 160 leaders and influencers from across the security sector.

The gathering was more than a celebration; it was a testament to the power of collaboration in overcoming some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. The event underscored the importance of partnerships in addressing the skills crisis, making security a career of choice, and enhancing the recruitment and retention of apprentices.

The security sector is facing a multifaceted crisis, with skills shortages at the forefront. As the leading apprenticeship provider, Skills for Security, with almost 1,000 apprentices currently in learning, has been at the vanguard of efforts to bridge this gap. The House of Lords event provided a unique forum for discussing solutions that are both meaningful and impactful.

One of the key topics of the evening was the urgent need to make security a more attractive career option. This involves not only raising awareness about the diverse opportunities within the sector but also creating clear and compelling career pathways. The event highlighted the innovative strategies that various partners are employing to appeal to the next generation of fire and security professionals.

Another major focus was the recruitment and retention of apprentices. With the sector’s growth potential being hampered by a lack of skilled workers, it is essential to ensure that apprentices not only enter the field but stay and thrive in their roles. Discussions at the event explored best practices in mentorship, ongoing education, and support systems that can help retain talent.

Skills for Security is making significant strides in tackling these key issues through substantial investment in infrastructure and resources. It’s commitment to building the most up to date training facilities ensures that apprentices receive the best possible education and hands-on experience. Additionally, the SfS dedicated Talent Acquisition Team plays a crucial role in identifying and nurturing the next generation of fire and security professionals, ensuring a steady pipeline of skilled workers for the industry.

“Our innovative Skills On-Demand platform is another cornerstone of our strategy,” says David Scott, Managing Director of Skills for Security. “This platform provides flexible, on-demand training solutions tailored to the needs of both employers and apprentices, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive approach to skills development. By offering training that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, we are removing barriers to entry and making it easier for individuals to pursue and advance in their careers.”

Skills for Security also places a strong emphasis on hosting and participating in key industry events. The National Apprenticeship Show, WorldSkills UK (WSUK), and Exhibition X are just a few of the events where we actively engage with potential apprentices, employers, and industry leaders. These events provide invaluable opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing the latest advancements in security training and technology. They also play a critical role in raising the profile of the security sector and attracting new talent.

The evening was also a celebration of the partnerships that have been instrumental in driving these initiatives forward. Skills for Security extends its heartfelt thanks to our sponsors: Comelit-PAC, Dahua, CSL, Orisec, Risco, Honeywell, Ajax, HID, The Security Event, PureTech, Pyronix, Texecom, Fenix, CQR, and HKC. Their support has been invaluable in our shared mission to elevate the security sector.

“The House of Lords event was a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to address the challenges facing the security industry,” concludes David Scott. “By bringing together the sector’s brightest minds and most dedicated leaders, we are confident that the solutions discussed will lead to meaningful change. As we look ahead, Skills for Security remains committed to fostering partnerships and driving innovation to ensure a robust and resilient future for the security sector.”

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