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Empowering installers with smart technology

by Andy Clutton

In the realm of modern security, the integration of smart technology has become a cornerstone for safeguarding properties efficiently and conveniently.

We asked Steve Riley, Division Director at Comelit-PAC to explain how manufacturers can take a proactive approach to support installers to embrace the shift to smart integration. Here, he presents ways to seamlessly implement advanced measures quickly and efficiently with no compromise to design or compliance:

It’s hard to conceive of a time when we didn’t need secure entry into buildings or sensitive areas. The use of smart devices and high-tech change has been adopted in the world of access control, with biometrics and other forms of access as a “virtual key” in the built environment becoming more prevalent.

As smart security continues to evolve, so will the options for building access control. The IoT market is growing exponentially and we have to keep innovating, to stay ahead.

Installers play a pivotal role in the adoption, promotion and implementation of such smart technologies. They must have the confidence to offer correct specifications, products and services. This includes having the necessary tools, training, and resources to effectively deploy them to enable minimal disruption.

As the demand for smart security solutions continues to grow, installers are faced with new challenges and opportunities. On the surface, they must stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, understand the complexities of integrating different systems, and ensure seamless operation and user experience for their clients.

They need to educate clients about the benefits of smart security solutions and guide them in selecting the right products and configurations to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Read the full article in the July 2024 edition of PSI magazine

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