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Securitas to integrate services with technology

by Andy Clutton

Arthur and his CTO teamSecuritas has announced the creation of a new team which will integrate traditional guarding solutions with electronic security technologies.

According to Securitas Chief Technology Officer, Arthur Agnew: “There are some big changes happening in the security industry today, skilled labour is becoming more expensive and sought after, and technology is developing at a fast pace, at the same time as becoming more affordable.  In addition, a new generation of high-capacity telecom networks means the transmission of images and video is becoming more viable and secure.  The opportunity is here to utilise technology more intelligently and, when coupled with specialist remote services, savings are there to be made.

“Advances in video analytics and intelligent cameras are enabling us to determine suspicious or dangerous behaviour at an early stage, thereby minimising the risk of business interruption.  This means we are better equipped to detect potential crime before it happens – and do it more cost-effectively than before.”

Securitas saw these developments as an opportunity to make investments in technology, monitoring and response capacity.

“To deliver and manage our strategy, we have introduced an expert technology team which is at the forefront of driving the company along its ‘Solutions Journey'” said Arthur.

The team is spread throughout the UK with regional technology directors covering the existing eight pre-defined areas.  They have the support of local technology managers, backed up by management and support staff.

“Our strategy is to integrate static and mobile guarding services together with technology solutions to achieve cost-efficiency, added value and stronger customer relationships.  A fundamental part of our strategy is to make the investment in the customer, through a CAPEX investment.  We recognise businesses are under pressure to save money, year on year, and what better way to achieve this than to have a trusted partner take the investment for you.” said Arthur.

 Pictured:  Arthur Agnew (centre) with his new CTO team

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