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Reader accelerates access control for all

by Andy Clutton

STid has announced the release of its SPECTRE nano reader, which recognises employees, visitors, vendors and their vehicles, simultaneously, for hands-free access control.

The technology reads windshield tags, key fobs, cards, smartphones, or wearables using UHF and Bluetooth to leverage end-user preferences for easier adoption. It is also part of the STid Mobile ID ecosystem, which turns smartphones into virtual cards for both vehicle and pedestrian access control.

Compatible with all access control systems, STid designed SPECTRE nano for easy integration regardless of tech expertise. The outside packaging is as rugged and durable as the technology to ensure the reader can stand up to harsh environments. The system also offers customised branding options and can be installed with no batteries required.

“The SPECTRE nano reader is the missing link between vehicle identification and smart identification of people,” said Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid. “There no longer is a need to install multiple readers at entrances where employees, visitors, contractors and their vehicles enter the facility. It can easily be integrated with any access control system or parking management system, which basically means that any perimeter entrance can now be equipped easily with our STid Mobile ID solution and our vehicle identification solution. And since it supports both solutions simultaneously, it is now also possible to identify the vehicle, using UHF, and the driver, using STid Mobile ID. This prevents the car from being used as a modern-day Trojan horse.”


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