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Pyronix extends home alarm capabilities

by Andy Clutton

Extending the capabilities of the alarm system beyond security, the SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) from Pyronix raises the alarm to the presence of smoke to protect homes and families. The unit represents an easy upsell that increases the longevity and value of Pyronix systems, with voice push notification capabilities via the app to alert the user of danger.

The wireless SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) uses a photoelectric sensor alongside a light source and optical chamber for accurate detection. As smoke enters the optical chamber, it crosses the path of the pulsing LED light source; scattering smoke particles towards the light receptor/sensor to trigger the alarm.

The detector has a built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing LED lights; providing a clear and obvious alarm when smoke is detected. When the battery is running low on the radio module, the detector will send a signal to the control panel to report the issue. If the user has the smart device app connected to the system, they’ll also receive a push notification to draw their attention to the fault.

Of particular interest to installers, the Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) capability in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

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