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Next Generation – Skills Talk Agenda

by PSI Magazine

What’s on at Next Generation?

PSI’s Next Generation event in association with Skills for Security and IFSEC kicks off on 22nd June at Luton Hoo with a comprehensive seminar programme aimed at security systems installers and developing skills in the sector

The agenda devised by Skills for Security includes presentations and interactive discussions to promote and advise installation companies on apprenticeships, training and good business practise when it comes to the latest technologies.

Covering issues such as recruitment, staff retention, training, IT and more the programme also includes an open forum involving NSI, SSAIB and the BSIA to discuss various topics relating to the future development of the sector.

In each session, installers will be encouraged to interact and engage with the presentations and are welcome to ask any questions or request any clarification of the subject matter.

Here is a breakdown of what is in store for attendees during the day:


Installer Forum
Time: 10.30am till 11.30am

Presenters and Panel Experts

    • NSI – Matthew Holliday
    • SSAIB – Dave Roscoe
    • BSIA – Dave Wilkinson and Steve Lampett
    • Chair – James Gribben (BSIA CCO)


  • BSIA – 15mins
    • Introduction to the subject topic
    • Scope of the Sector – challenges, issues, good practice, and a look into the future
    • Key focuses of this will be on;
      • All IP
      • ECHO
      • Cyber Essentials
      • AI/Cloud
      • Standards
      • Future
    • Panel Discussion – 30 mins
      • Opening introductions from each panel expert
        • Intro
        • Where do they see the future of the sector
        • What advice would they give to installers looking to engage with certification schemes
        • How can businesses future proof themselves against incoming standards, legislation and changes within Codes of Practice
      • Q&A from audience
      • Pre-written questions to lead discussions
      • Key focus will be on;
        • Tech
        • Audits
        • Certification scheme
        • Standards and codes of practices
        • Future tech
      • Closing statements and remarks


Cyber Security – 5 simple hacks that can destroy your business
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm



      • Presentation
      • Live demo


Most criminal hackers aren’t state-sponsored agencies or activists looking for high-profile targets, and they don’t spend countless hours staking out and researching their targets.

Instead, they tend to be opportunistic, looking for any available target. In that regard, you can think of them as a burglar; yes, they’re aware of high-value marks, but it’s more effective to go after easier targets.

And just as a burglar identifies those marks by scouting and looking for poorly protected homes, so too do cybercriminals look for easily exploitable weaknesses rather than pinpointing a specific target and trying to find a way in.

Cyber Essentials addresses this, helping organisations avoid weaknesses and address vulnerabilities before criminal hackers have the chance to exploit them.

The scheme contains five controls, each focusing on a specific aspect of information security. Once applied, they can protect you from 80% of the most common cyber-attacks.

In this presentation we will look at the 5 most common hacks and the 5 controls every business needs to stay safe.

  • Q&A


Developing and retaining staff
Time: 1.15pm – 2.15pm

  • Presenters

    • Zitko – George Zitko
    • Chaired by James Gribben (BSIA CCO)

Part 1 Presentation – 15 – 30mins

  • The problem – why people leave, skills shortage
  • Recruitment Planning
  • Attracting the right people
  • Application and selection process
  • Widen the talent pool
  • Retaining engineers
  • Q&A

Part 2 Round table retaining staff– 30 mins to 60 mins

  • Round table activities on retaining engineers for example;
    • SWOT analysis of their own workforce, business, teams in terms of positive retention activity
  • Discussion on strategy
    • Onboarding and orientation
    • Ask more employee questions (surveys)
    • Mentorship programs
    • Perks and compensation packages
    • Create more on the job opportunities or continuous progression
    • Vary the learning and development
    • Provide continuous feedback (Monthly PDPR instead of annually)
    • Recognise, Reward and Retain
    • Work-life balance and flexibility
  • Round table activity on Creating an organisation retention strategy
  • Summary and closing remarks
  • Q&A


Skills Talks – Grow Your Own Workforce
Time: 2.15pm – 3pm


  • Darrell Gilmour – Director of Technical Training
  • David Scott – Managing Director
  • Guest employer
  • Chaired by James Gribben (BSIA CCO)


  • Deep dive into the Fire and Security with a look at total employment numbers, growth over the years, other events that have impacted on the sectors.
  • The challenges of the sector including Skills gap and crisis, why this has occurred and how bad will it actually get.
  • How Skills for Security have a model that can resolve these issues including videos of training centres, case studies and map of sites.
  • The time is now for apprentices.
  • What apprenticeships are available to your business, what is the course objectives and what are the accredited levels.
  • How much is it going to cost your business and what government incentives are available.
  • Q&A


AI and the Cloud – the route forward
Time: 3pm – 4.30pm


  • Anekanta Consulting – Pauline Norstrom
  • Eagle Eye Networks – David Barr
  • Contxd – Chris Carter Brennan
  • Chaired by James Gribben


  • Presenter 1 – Pauline (20mins)
    • Overview of credentials
    • New technology expectations driven by the user, that every installer must be aware of
    • The importance of these changes and how they create opportunities
    • AI implementation in security; ethical and legal considerations, strengths and limitations
    • Why has it taken so long to get to where we are, AI has been around since the 1950’s right?
    • The future of AI and the importance of cloud: access to data, safety and trust
  • Presenter 2 – Chris (20mins)
    • Principles of cloud
    • Mega trends
    • Benchmarking the security sector against other emerging AI sectors including those that use to successfully and why
    • Challenges the security sector have in embracing AI and cloud
    • Some of the key benefits of cloud including the ability to instantly review and action on info received
    • How businesses are using cloud to be more efficient and make more money
  • Presenter 3 – Eagle (tbc) (20mins)
    • What systems are using cloud and how installers can be more knowledgeable so they are able to support their clients more effectively in their decision making
    • Demystify the worries around cloud including Cyber Security at the edge
    • The future of the cloud including the use of API in the security sector.
  • Q&A for all three presenters – standing / small panel (5 to 15 mins).


Exhibition Area

Throughout the day there will be ample chance for delegates to view, discuss and get hands-on with the latest security technologies on the market via a dedicated exhibition area. Some of the most innovative companies in the sector will be on-hand to introduce installers to the most up-to-date solutions in their product portfolio for an essential opportunity to see the next generation of security systems and services.

Exhibitors include: BSIA, Skills for Security, NSI, Risco, Hikvision, Puretech, Dahua, Inner Range, ADI, Cento, Cloudview, CSL, FIA, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Pyronix, Takex, Texecom, Videcon and Videoloft.

Next Generation takes place from 10am on 22nd June 2022 at Warren Weir at Luton Hoo.

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