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New wireless sounder to work with PIRs

by Andy Clutton

Powered by 4 x 1.5v supplied batteries the LGSounder from Luminite emits an alarm sound up to 117 decibels.  There are 32 alarm sounds to choose from, along with a flashing beacon which is available in red or blue.  A built in adjustable timer silences the sounder after activation.  This can be used with any alarm product that has volt free contacts including Genesis and EasySwitch PIRs. Activation is via a momentarily closed contact (for Genesis PIRs use the LGMRU4x4 receiver and for EasySwitch PIRs use the ESR8+8 receiver).

Graham Creek, Managing Director at Luminite commented: “We are always looking for innovations that solve a problem for installers, particularly on sites where power is compromised. Increasingly thieves and suspicious characters are becoming immune to the sight of cameras and PIRs alone.  The fact that the LGSounder is activated as soon as the PIR is triggered means that the intruder is fully aware they have been detected and thefts and damage to properties and equipment can be minimised.”

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