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New touchscreen keypad features Cloud and video

by Andy Clutton

RISCO Group has announced the launch of RisControl, a high resolution 8” touchscreen keypad, offering an intuitive easy to use interface.

With RisControl the user can control all alarm and cloud-based solutions from RISCO Group from one access point. It provides a clear overview of the system status, easy set/unset functionality and the option to view live video and recordings from VUpoint NVR and IP cameras.

The keypad functions are presented in an intuitive way, allowing users to quickly learn and operate their security system. Users can also define their own personalised quick access buttons and shortcuts to the most important functions and can make controlling a security system is as easy as using a mobile app.

RisControl is designed for easy installation, using the same wiring method than traditional keypads. Therefore, it can be used to upgrade existing installations, replacing traditional keypads with RisControl after upgrading the control panel to its latest firmware version.

RisControl is Grade 3 certified and compatible with GT Plus as of version 1.4 and LightSYS 2 as of version 6.05.

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