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New bi-spectrum AI camera range is launched

by Andy Clutton

Hanwha Vision has launched a new bi-spectrum AI camera range that provides visual and thermal views of an area simultaneously. The TNM-C4940TD, TNM-C4950TD, and TNM-C4960TD are equipped with two lenses to generate a VGA thermal image and a 4K visual image.

The thermal lens enables perimeter detection of suspicious activity reportedly even in low light, poor weather conditions, or when visual barriers, such as foliage block the area. The visual lens provides identification detail, thereby determining if the suspicious activity is, for example, an intruder.  This enables detection and identification without having to install two separate devices – saving time, equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.

The cameras feature deep-learning-based object detection and classification. AI-based object detection reduces the occurrence of false alarms, providing operators with a reliable source of events, while object classification improves operational efficiency by making forensic search more efficient. The cameras can detect human faces, as well as identify particular vehicles and number plates while ignoring irrelevant motion such as wind-blown trees, shadows, stray objects, or animals moving within the field of view.

Using AI capability, this camera range can also be used to monitor traffic, providing alerts when vehicles are stopped and therefore causing potential traffic jams. In low-light or poor weather conditions, the vehicles can also be tracked in the distance using the thermal lens, while the 4K visual lens provides critical information as they come nearer the camera such as the number plate as well as the vehicle type (car/truck/bus/bicycle/motorcycle) Operators can also toggle through various thermal colour palettes to reveal more details at the scene.

Likewise, in industrial environments, the thermal lens can detect a sudden jump in temperature that may indicate the failure of equipment or pipes. Alerts can be automatically sent to operators to show exactly where the problem is happening. Operators can then use the 4K lens to understand more about the issue and direct ground staff to the location, preventing the failure from causing further problems, danger, and downtime.

The TNM-C4940TD has a visual field of view (FoV) of 50o and a thermal FoV of 37o, the TNM-C4950TD is 31.9o and 24.2o respectively, and the TNM-C4960TD is 17.4o and 13.1o — offering a range of options to meet different use cases.

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