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Leading watch and jewellery retailer adopts IDIS video analytics to drive growth and profitability

by PSI Magazine

IDIS end-to-end solution delivers superior HD centralized monitoring and store-by-store AI-powered analysis

An IDIS end-to-end retail branch network solution has been adopted across all Konyalı Saat’s 40 store locations in Türkiye as well as at the leading retailer’s warehouse and workshop where high value watches are repaired, serviced, and calibrated. Konyalı Saat is one of Türkiye’s leading independent retail chains in the luxury watches and jewelry sector, with 40 stores selling a wide selection of top brand Swiss-made timepieces, silver and gold accessories with precious gems as well as a range of designer sunglasses.

Systems integrator Secom specified the powerful yet affordable IDIS solution to meet Konyalı Saat’s wide-ranging surveillance and business intelligence needs. To ensure that all their retail outlets were being run as optimally and securely as possible, Konyali Saat required centralized video management with point-of-sale (POS) integration and to develop new efficiencies using AI-powered video analytics integrated with their wider retail enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The aim was to boost profitability from strengthened loss prevention as well as improving product management and marketing operations from video data.

Complete HD coverage of each store, without blind spots, was efficiently achieved using a single, NDAA-compliant 12MP IDIS Super Fisheye Camera, plus either one or two 2MP IDIS 2.8mm fixed lens dome cameras, depending on each store’s layout.

The fisheye provides comprehensive domain awareness, providing the same coverage as three or more fixed lens cameras, while the domes located at entrances capture video to support people counting and other analysis functions. These AI capabilities are provided by an IDIS AI Box for Retail (DV-1304), a powerful plug-in video analytics device that can transform IDIS surveillance solutions with functions including people counting, queue management, heat & zone mapping and occupancy monitoring.

An IDIS DP-HE1201 HDMI/VGA Encoder enables simple and cost-effective POS integration, with cash register data overlaid on video footage and time synched with all cameras, allowing suspicious activity or sales anomalies to be investigated quicky and easily while providing a time-stamped visual audit trail.

Footage is recorded locally at each store on an 8-channel IDIS DR-2508P NDAA-compliant NVR, and the system is operated in each branch using the cost-free IDIS Center VMS, as well as being controlled and managed centrally at Konyalı Saats’ headquarters with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) Expert.

The IDIS end-to-end solution is allowing Konyalı Saat to analyze sales turnover and conversion rates with visitor numbers by day, month, and week, making it possible to increase boost sales by accurately evaluating store performance including marketing campaigns, product management and staff efficiency more accurately than ever before.

Yunus Bürge, Information Technology Manager for Konyalı Saat, reports, “We have been deeply impressed with every aspect of the IDIS solution, from the quality and performance of the fisheye cameras to the added value provided by the AI Retail Box including simple integration of video data with our POS. IDIS technology is perfectly suited to the demands of high-end retail environments.”

The chain has recently extended its portfolio with Longines-branded stores, and the owner has ambitious plans to expand further, with four new outlets scheduled to be opened in the next half year and more to follow.

Koray Ozyildirim, IDIS Türkiye Country Manager, added, “The project with Konyalı Saat demonstrates IDIS end-to-end solutions for retail can be tailored to meet the needs of stores and retail branch networks of any type and scale. The IDIS single source model gives retailers a choice of cost-effective surveillance technology to tackle challenges such as shrink and safety. Combined with integration options and highly accurate, AI-powered video analytics, we are giving retailers the ability to achieve a rapid return on investment and an enhanced customer experience that positively impacts the bottom line.”

For more information about IDIS solutions, please visit www.idisglobal.com

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