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Kentec launches wireless detection system

by Andy Clutton

Kentec Electronics has launched K-Mesh, a wireless detection system that uses self-healing and configuring Mesh technology to deliver reliability. 

Launched at Intersec 2022, K-Mesh is a new development and new name for Kentec’s Ekho wireless system. Kentec’s sister company, Hochiki Europe, will retain the Ekho brand for its Hybrid wireless offeringThis will enable Kentec Installation Partners (KIPs) to promote and sell a system that is bespoke to them, and which has a series of additional product features to give them a competitive advantage. 

New technology within K-Mesh is SmartGuide, which supports safe and strategic building evacuation by wirelessly utilising sound, light and voice command functionality to provide clarity in evacuation instructions. The sound/light and voice command functions all exist in a single device that is also a detector. 

K-Mesh uses a self-healing dynamic Mesh network, which makes it easy to use, install and commission – and ultimately provides robust assurance that fire incidents are detected and communicated immediately. It is available as part of a complete fire detection system with Kentec-manufactured panels to provide optimum performance.  

A wireless translator module, which sits at the centre of the K-Mesh system, is hard-wired to the fire alarm control panel loop and communicates continuously with the wireless devices. Sensors are supplied in three variants: optical; thermal; and multi-criteria, with the optical and multi-criteria sensors featuring adaptive signal processing and double dust traps to prevent false alarms. Thermal detectors can respond to a fixed temperature threshold or detect a rate of rise in temperature. Wireless sounders, call points and testing kits are also available within the range.  K-Mesh has a seven-to-ten-year battery life.

Kentec will continue to provide technical support for customers who have already installed the Ekho wireless brand. 


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