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IP CCTV and access solution installed

by Andy Clutton

Cabfind - exterior 01NW Systems has installed an IP-based integrated access control and video surveillance system to cover both the inside and outside of transport management company Cabfind’s new headquarters in Birkenhead, Wirral.

The system combines Axis IP cameras and door controllers with Imron access control software and Milestone front-end video management software (VMS), to ensure entries via all key doors are covered and video recordings collected for viewing on authorised desktops and smart devices.

In addition to HD surveillance NW Systems installed Axis A1001 Open Platform Network Door Controllers at key entrances together with Axis 4001-E smart card readers, located on the building’s door frames. The door control hardware units were linked to Imron’s IS2000 open architecture access control software platform, holding records of Cabfind’s identity card holders which are checked at point of access.

The system was configured so that the Imron access control platform was integrated with Milestone Systems’ Access Control Module, itself an extension to Milestone XProtect Express video management software which manages the display of live and recorded video alongside door entry and exit events.

Michael Luddington, CFO at Cabfind, said that the company may extend the use of the door control system enabling it to double as a time and attendance system to help better manage people.


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