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In my opinion… Joon Jun

by Andy Clutton

JoonIFSEC 2013 was the first time that the UK security industry first really heard about IDIS. Today the company has evolved, as revealed by Joon Jun in an exclusive interview with PSI

Joon Jun is the Executive Vice President, Head of Global Business Division at IDIS. He has a background in electronics and joined the company almost a year after the unveiling of the company at IFSEC last year. PSI caught up with him at IFSEC 2014 where the strapline ‘One Solution. One Company.’ was the major thrust of the IDIS message.

How have the last twelve months been for IDIS and how are you settling in?

I have been working for IDIS for four months and in that time I have been learning about the industry and the directions in which we should go as a company. For the last fifteen years our business was as an OEM provider supplying many of the world’s most popular brands with hardware and software.

It was at IFSEC 2013 that we started business with our own branded products with the launch of DirectIP which has performed really well in the UK since then. However we realised that being an OEM supplier compared to being a branded product supplier are quite different roles so we needed to change our company structure to be in the branded market, which is a process we have now begun with the development of a new strategy for IFSEC 2014.

Last year we launched the DirectIP product which made installing IP surveillance easy for those who were unfamiliar with networked technology. It is true plug-and-play nature meant that no prior IP experience is required in order to set up the system. This year we are talking about ourselves as a total solutions provider, announcing additional products such as monitors and recording systems and also integration with partners in other areas, so there is a big difference in the direction we are moving on from last year. We do not want to be known simply as a hardware provider.

What has been your impression of the UK surveillance market and how the move to IP has progressed?

One thing that I have quickly come to realise is that the UK is very much a pioneer of CCTV and has an established history in regard to surveillance. Therefore it is the number one market in Europe in terms of demand so it is very important for us. It was because of the size of the UK market that we decided to put our first subsidiary here (in Brentford).

There is a legacy of analogue cameras in the UK and so there are some concerns with the migration process. We knew that what the UK camera installers really wanted was help in the move from analogue to IP, which is why the launch in 2013 captured the attention of so many people because we showed the first real plug and play system. This then made people realise that the total cost of ownership was reduced and the overheads incurred in the installation of systems and maintenance were also lowered due to this simplified method of fitting IP.

Of course not everyone wants to move into IP in the same way and we have had to react to this. Some installations benefit from retaining the existing cabling and legacy technology so using encoders rather than putting in complete new systems has given these applications another approach to going IP.

In the UK there has been much made of the need to educate installers on IP. Do you think that simplifying installations addresses this in the long term or is it all about getting people onto the network?

Having technology that simplifies the process of installing IP surveillance means that you don’t need to go on any in-depth training courses beforehand. We believe that people should not have to learn about something when they can just do it instead!

Read the full interview in PSI magazine July 2014

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