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FIA publishes Market Condition Review

by Andy Clutton

TFIA reporthe Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published its third Market Condition Review, a ‘snapshot’ taken every six month to review how the fire protection market is performing. It is based on a survey conducted by the FIA of both FIA member and non-member companies across the UK.

Wave three of the report has revealed that:

  • Growth in the fire sector continues with 53% of respondents reported an increase in orders over the preceding six months
  • The private sector is primarily responsible for the increase in orders
  • 37% of respondents indicated an increase in tenders requiring Third Party Certification

CEO of the FIA, Graham Ellicott comments: “Overall, the report shows an improvement for the industry. Profit margins are still being squeezed, which isn’t good, but orders are up as is recruitment. Businesses are also seeing a small increase in requests for evidence of Third Party Certification, which we applaud and whole-heartedly encourage.

“The most notable observation from this third wave of the survey is that, in the last six months, FIA members have received 40% more orders than the non-members surveyed. This proves the reassurance FIA membership gives end customers; non-members should take note.”

The FIA’s Market Condition Review can be downloaded from free from the FIA website www.fia.uk.com

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