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Easy AI upgrades of ONVIF compatible cameras

by Andy Clutton

Hanwha Vision has launched the AIB-800, an AI Box that enables users to convert any standard ONVIF-compatible video surveillance camera into an AI-enabled analytics camera.

The AI Box provides a seamless way for businesses to upgrade their current camera equipment to leverage the benefits of AI, with no need to modify existing security systems and avoiding the complexities of replacing them entirely. Moreover, no additional construction costs or monthly recurring expenses are incurred.

The Hanwha Vision AI Box means businesses can use legacy cameras and also generate valuable AI insights and metadata including object type (person/vehicle). A range of AI-powered video analytics enables the detection and classification of people and vehicles as distinct objects separate from their surroundings.

The AI Box includes intelligent analytics including loitering and line-crossing detection for effective perimeter and access control. Object metadata also facilitates efficient forensic searches to aid security teams in post-event investigations.

In addition, the AIB-800 features BestShot which captures the best still cuts of classified objects. These still cuts contain metadata of the objects’ distinctive attributes, allowing operators to quickly find footage.

The AIB-800 supports multiple cameras, with up to eight channels at a maximum resolution of 32MP, and is pre-installed with the Wise AI App. It is compatible with any standard ONVIF-based cameras, video management software (including Milestone, Genetec, Wisenet SSM and Wisenet Wave) and alarm monitoring systems.

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