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Burger King integrates security across branches

by Andy Clutton

With a need to integrate its security system and video surveillance across all branches in Norway, Burger King’s aim was to safeguard its buildings, equipment, employees, and customers — while causing as little disturbance to the operation of the chain’s restaurants as possible.

Installer AlarmLink Oslo AS recommended Ajax devices with each restaurant being equipped with a Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel. With four communication channels and LTE support, the hub can be connected to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular services ready for back up. It guarantees connectivity to Ajax Cloud and the central monitoring station.

Through the app, restaurant executives with admin rights can manage the security system directly from their smartphones. They receive notifications when someone enters restricted areas, as KeyPad Jeweller is installed at the service premises entrance.

Restaurant staff integrated Ajax devices into their routine, using the Ajax app as the primary interface for the system. Managers arm the system when they leave and disarm it upon the arrival. They can control access to restricted areas and receive real-time notifications for any security breaches.

All suggested features were integrated with Burger King’s existing video surveillance system eliminating the need for new installations.

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