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Door entry system based on a smartphone

by Andy Clutton

ICONA_UNITEComelit has expanded its access control range with a door entry monitor based on the look and feel of a smartphone. The Icona allows the user to reveal programme icons with a finger swipe across a 4.3” 16:9 screen and use capacitive touch keys. The unit boasts a microphone and speaker while brightness and contrast control can assist users in poor lighting conditions.

The Icona door entry monitor has two main buttons – audio-in and lock release – always displayed on white backlit keys. If required, secondary programme icons are revealed by finger movement across the screen. Successive levels give extra functions such as sound in/out volume, ringtone melody and volume, display contrast and brightness as well as privacy function. A feature for users in sheltered housing or comparable environments is a setting where the resident can opt temporarily to allow a health worker or similar visitors to grant themselves access automatically without interaction at the monitor.

The main body of the unit is constructed of scratch-resistant polycarbonate with a matt brushed metal finish on the edges. The concave extremities optimise the performance of the hands-free full-duplex audio. Installers working in various environments will appreciate that the Icona is available in flush-mounted, surface-mounted and desk-based versions. Two eight-position DIP switches allow user code and button programming. A riser distribution terminal model is available.

Integrators use the Simplebus TOP System model with Comelit’s two-wire Simplebus wiring. The VIP System model can be used with Power Over Ethernet (PoE). The IP-based VIP System allows additional functions, such as video memory function with an absent message, alarm and panic inputs and a micro SD slot.

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