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DHF sends warning to installers

by Andy Clutton

Unsafe gate DHFNick Perkins, an authority on powered gate safety, will be giving vital safety advice to gate installers and maintainers at IFSEC International in June. Nick is the training officer for the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), and will be giving a presentation on Wednesday, June 22 in the Physical and Perimeter Protection area.

Nick will give a stark warning to powered gate barrier installers and maintainers: if a gate is found to be unsafe after installation or maintenance work has been carried out, you could find yourselves in court saying: “Many installers and maintenance providers have been prosecuted in recent years following incidents and fatalities caused by powered gates they either installed or were maintaining.” He will point out that criminal law states that powered gates and barriers are machines and must be safe when installed. Also, any maintenance work carried out must result in a safe gate.

“Prosecutions have happened because the machine was not safe, or the person carrying out the work did not ensure it was safe – or, more commonly, did not fully understand what ‘safe’ actually is.”

His presentation will point out what all those involved in gate installation and maintenance need to know about regulations covering powered gates and how they can gain this knowledge.


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