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CCTV prevents Abu Dhabi armed robbery

by Andy Clutton

captured_pictureHikvision and its Abu Dhabi partner, Opal Protection Systems, have played a role in preventing an attempted robbery at a Money Exchange in Abu Dhabi. The CCTV system captured the moments when a robed figure threatened employees with a pistol and alerted the Abu Dhabi Police Operations Room, which immediately dispatched officers to arrest the suspect. Footage of the unfolding drama has been posted to YouTube and had over 3 million hits.

Each video at the money exchanges are linked to a 24/7 specialist police department, which can respond in minutes to any alert. The security system in the money exchange centre involved in the attempted robbery consists of 13 Hikvision IP cameras connected to a Hikvision DS-8616NI-ST Network Video Recorder (NVR). The cameras used include the DS-2CD2120F-I(W)(S) 2MP vandal-proof dome camera, the DS-2CD2520F 2 MP mini dome camera, DS-2CD2020-I 2MP IR bullet camera and the DS-2CD2D14WD 1MP mini camera.

“The incident in the Abu Dhabi exchange centre involved a woman using a fake gun and a knife in an attempted robbery,” says Yousef Moharib, general manager at Opal Protection Systems, which implemented the CCTV solution. “Thanks to the Hikvision security solution installed within the exchange centre, Abu Dhabi Police were able to secure the situation within minutes and with maximum efficiency.”

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