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CCTV Monitoring improves productivity levels

by Andy Clutton

Construction site CCTV installation and monitoring business CCTV Monitoring, has rolled out a mobile workforce system as part of a cloud-based business system from BigChange.  Equipped with rugged tablets running a 5 in 1 app called JobWatch, CCTV Monitoring engineers are tracked and connected in real-time to the central system giving management 24/7 visibility of their field operations.

CCTV Monitoring has a team of CCTV and security engineers that can be deployed nationwide and also operates a 24-hour monitoring station to protect key building sites across the UK. BigChange has provided an end-to-end solution which handles the entire business process.  From logging incoming service requests on CRM software, to work scheduling and job allocation, through to routing and tracking to live job reporting, invoicing and management reporting.

“We knew straight away that BigChange provided an opportunity to improve the way we worked. The potential became very clear when we installed some large screens in the office and we could all immediately see our entire operations in real time and see the exact status of each job,” says Stuart Capstick, Managing Director of CCTV Monitoring.

The new system has improved the way resources are allocated as it gives an instant overview of each engineers’ location, status and capability.  Linked to GPS trackers on their vans, engineers use their tablets for navigation, job sheets, timesheets, parts ordering and vehicle safety inspections.  The devices can also be used for capturing time and location stamped photographs; providing indisputable evidence from site should future customer queries arise.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in productivity since implementing BigChange,” says Stuart. “Our profitability per job is now typically 30 percent greater than before. That profit is being ploughed back into the business to invest in new equipment and support our expansion plans nationally and into new markets.

“The thing about BigChange is that we are no longer constrained as a business.  We can expand freely without needing to worry about our IT capability – it is all on the cloud and mobile.”

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