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Apprentice returns to protect his old school

by Andy Clutton

St Albans-based Sandringham School has recently spent nearly £8m in new build and renovation of existing. Amthal Fire & Security partners the school to maintain its intruder alarm systems and secure the entire campus site. Former pupil Luke Allam, an Apprentice Engineer at Amthal, is now responsible for his old school to carry out necessary testing.

Paul Chandler, Campus Manager at Sandringham School says: “Site security is constantly under review and firmly based on the principles of risk assessment.  We were delighted to welcome back Luke and to see his career progression.”

Luke added: “It was great to be back at Sandringham, a school that I enjoyed attending and provided me with so many critical skills to take into my adult life.  Now working there as an apprentice and putting into practice all that I have learned as an engineer to maintain the intruder alarm systems, means so much, knowing I am helping to protect what’s precious to so many students and staff on site.”

Paul Rosenthal, Amthal Sales Director added: “Luke has settled into his role and works alongside our more experienced staff, out on sites such as his old school, as often as possible to put his learning skills into practice.”

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