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Ajax announces Fibra wired technology

by Andy Clutton

Ajax Systems recently held its third Special Event at which the company introduced several additions to wireless security systems and presented the new wired Fibra technology with a product line of the same name.

Fibra is a digital-generation wired technology combining the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection. An ordinary four-core cable, coupled with Fibra is reported to enable up to 2,000 meters of connectivity, compatibility with all types of devices, 60 hours of operation of a system consisting of 30 devices on a backup battery, anti-sabotage, photo verifications, instant notifications, hassle-free installation and remote configuration through an app. According to the company, everything that was possible in wireless Ajax is now available with wires and Fibra.

At the physical level, Fibra looks like a bus connection: detectors are connected to a control panel with a four-core cable. However, the Fibra communication protocol has inherited the advantages of Jeweller radio technology; it requires minimum power for two-way packet data transmission. This feature provides freedom when installing the system.

One Fibra line can connect one detector or dozens of various detectors, sirens, and keypads in any combination. MotionCam Fibra detectors are no exception. Users don’t need a separate cable to receive photo verifications. They are transmitted over the same line that the system devices use to communicate events. In the Ajax app, devices are organised by rooms and groups, regardless of their physical connection to a hub. This means the security system has both physical and digital architecture.

Multiple Fibra lines allow the wiring to go by a convenient and safe route and then adjust the digital architecture of the system in the PRO app. With this flexibility and a 2 km of length margin, no matter whether installers are protecting a multi-floor building or several buildings, they don’t need to complicate the system with signal amplifiers or additional power supplies.

The Fibra communication protocol logic ensures collision protection: even 30 detectors connected to one line will communicate steadily even while being triggered simultaneously. Alarms are transmitted in 0.15 seconds.

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