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by Andy Clutton

SummitdfdgetehdThe third NSI Installer Summit will take place in Birmingham on 10th March 2015 and will showcase an array of security brands, industry experts and business solutions providers and offers delegates a perfect platform to learn about the latest innovations within the industry – including new products and solutions, equipment and tools – and of course the latest news from NSI and a chance to meet the team behind PSI magazine.

PSI caught up with NSI’s Richard Jenkins to find out more about the Summit events:

As a certification body, why host the Installer Summits?

A good question: as a Certification Body, NSI’s primary interest is to raise standards in the security industry. The two key processes NSI adopts to deliver this are audit/assessment and informing/educating.

Providing information and training to NSI companies about developments in standards, for approved companies to exchange best practise between themselves, learn about products and services that can help them improve standards is enshrined in our Memorandum of Association.

The Installer Summit is a forum that supports this. It’s an extension of the long tried and tested NSI ‘Regional Meeting’ structure whereby NSI approved companies across the UK meet regularly, discuss matters of current interest and hear the latest from manufacturers about new products and security solutions. The Installer Summit is an upscaling of this concept which has been very welcomed.

There are a number of security-based events so why should installers visit the Summit?

NSI approved installers are committed to the concept of quality with NACOSS and Fire Gold approved companies adopting a process of continual business improvement. This event is aimed at NSI approved companies and their specific requirements.

How do you compile the conference talks so that they are not just marketing presentations?

Our Seminar programme at these events is aimed at providing insights of relevance to installers. Product offers of course are of interest and with all the leading manufacturers in attendance, there is ample opportunity for installers to assess existing and new products coming to market. Our conference programme at March’s Installer Summit has been purposefully designed with speakers providing insights and advice on specific business issues including employment law, SME funding and benefits of apprenticeships. In addition, CCTV codes of Practice and their acceptability in society are highly topical issues with potentially large consequences for installers – another subject included in the conference programme.

Read more about the NSI Installer Summit in the March edition of PSI magazine.

Register for the event here

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