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Signal Dynamic launches alarm connectivity devices

by Andy Clutton

Signal Dynamic has launched an alarm signalling system to offer a replacement for BT’s Redcare service as the industry continues to address the ongoing PSTN switchover to all-IP.

BT announced the closure of its Redcare division for August 2025, leaving customers requiring an alternative alarm signalling solution.

Signal Dynamic’s platform can provide the link between a home or business alarm system and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If an intruder or fire alarm is triggered, the platform will send an instant alert to the ARC, so the team can investigate whether the threat is real or a false alarm.

Signal Dynamic Director, Chris Byrd, said: “The withdrawal of BT from the alarm signalling market will have come as a shock to the industry, which is now left with the dilemma of where to go for a replacement service.”

Signal Dynamic’s network comprises of three main devices. ‘Supervisor Core’ is designed for single-path monitoring at grades SP2-SP3+, and is available in IP and 4G variants. ‘Supervisor Duo,’ as its name suggests, offers dual-path monitoring at grades DP2-DP3, with Signal Dynamic’s ‘Supervisor Elite’ device providing customers with dual-path monitoring at grade DP4.

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