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Research shows the value of buying quality systems

by Andy Clutton

Tradespeople value quality and reliability over price when it comes to choosing which products to use, according to research by BFT Automation.

In a survey of automation installers, more than two-thirds of respondents cited the quality of a product as the most important priority when choosing equipment, with factors related to price cited by less than 10%.

“Given the rising costs of many of the materials that tradespeople rely on, we might have expected to see price as a driving factor in their choice of equipment – especially when serving cost-conscious customers. But our research shows that installers value quality and reliability above all other priorities,” said Matthew Batson, a Director at BFT.

“It stands to reason that it’s worth investing in products that will last, and it’s encouraging that installers recognise the value in turning to products that will do a job well, as part of an overall reflection of their work. After all, if an installer has to revisit a job for repairs, it could reflect badly on them and their service they offer, despite the hard work they put into making a good impression on their customers.”

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