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New system for AI powered field service data

by Andy Clutton

BigChange has announced a new system that will allow fire and security organisations to access raw data collected in real-time from field service operations.  This will allow companies to analyse the data using AI tools to boost their performance.  Enabled through a new BigChange Developer Portal, that provides a community forum and documentation for integrators, customers can take advantage of a new Data as a Service (DaaS) facility to retrieve their raw data.

Companies operating field service operations often use various systems, including custom-built ones, alongside BigChange’s field service and fleet management solution. DaaS allows companies to access the raw data so it can be seamlessly merged with data from other systems. With AI-enabled data analysis tools provided by systems such as Microsoft PowerBI, Panintelligence and Looker, the processing of this ‘Big Data’ is easier and companies can now see a complete picture of performance across their entire business.

“In light of the recent AI Summit, it’s clear that the future of technology is not just about advancements but about integration and ethical application,” says Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange.  “We’re providing the tools and platforms necessary for businesses to leverage their data in a way that is both innovative and responsible. It’s an exciting time to be part of this technological revolution.”

The BigChange DaaS, which is powered by Snowflake, allows access to data collected by BigChange from field service operations, including job, finance and tracking data, so businesses with data analytics capabilities can transform raw data into strategic insights. For those who do not have this skillset, or require immediate visual data representation, BigChange also offer pre-built dashboards.

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