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Mobile CCTV solution protects the public

by Andy Clutton

Delivering public space CCTV via mobile applications, from emergency response through to dealing with antisocial behaviour, has always been technically challenging. Hackney Council’s Civil Protection Service Manager, Andy Wells, recently saw an opportunity to introduce two existing suppliers to each other, to collaborate in developing a mobile CCTV solution – and one that would provide significant advantages over traditional CCTV.

Commenting on the development of the new mobile CCTV solution, Adrian Kirk, Director at 360 Vision Technology said: “Rugged at the roadside is a phrase being widely used these days.

“The Predator PTZ IK10 certification and heavily engineered gearing in its pan and tilt mechanism makes it a great choice for mobile applications. At Andy’s suggestion, we partnered with Woodway Engineering who specialise in roof-mounted pneumatic mast systems.”

Initially the system was designed to deploy lighting solutions for emergency services and other applications, but it has now been adapted to provide a vehicle roof mounted pneumatic CCTV mast system. Unlike traditional CCTV van conversions, it doesn’t require the vehicle to be permanently adapted, with large areas within a van’s space being taken up by the mast rig set up – which causes permanent damage to the vehicle’s structure.

This new approach allows the system to be removed and reinstalled onto a new vehicle, providing a better return on investment, by minimising costs associated with the initial installation, as well as costs associated with the host vehicle. Debbie Taylor, Director of Woodway Engineering commented: “Collaborating with another UK manufacturer to deliver a versatile CCTV solution that can save costs and increase return on investment over current methods of fitting out a vehicle for mobile CCTV applications is exactly the type of innovative British design and manufacturing business we are all about. We are grateful to Hackney Council for their input and hope they get great results in helping to protect the public in Hackney.”

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