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Midwich secures Focus Security Distribution

by Andy Clutton

MidfocusIt has been announced that the Focus Security Distribution team is to join Midwich Security.

Focus founder Francesco Bellavia said: “Our contact with Midwich has shown very clearly that we have shared values and ambitions, and that by working as one we can best achieve our common goal of becoming a major force in the security distribution market.”

Mark Thomas, Director of Midwich Security said: “By welcoming the Focus SD team to our business, we aim to build upon our success in the AV/IT sector by penetrating further the traditional security market. The convergence of security with IT/AV is gaining pace and we are now ideally placed to provide our customers with products and project support – further enhancing our value add principles to both customers and vendors.

“Focus SD holds the same values towards customer support and technical expertise as Midwich Security.  Therefore it became a natural fit to further develop our business by increasing our energies into the physical security market place where our IP expertise will add true value.”


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